Gullewa Cemetery

List of known burials

Located within the Shire of Yalgoo, east of the town of Gullewa.


Department of Lands and Surveys, Perth, 11th August, 1897.

His Excellency the Govenor in Executive Council has been pleased to set apart, as Public Reserves, the lands described in the Schedule below, for the purposes therein set forth:-

Recorded No 3911 - 6 acres

Yalgoo Goldfield (Gullewa).- Bounded by lines starting from a point situate South 6 chains 43 links and East 6 chains 93 links from the North-East corner of Gullewa Townsite, and extending North 7 chains 50 links and East 8 chains, and by opposite boundaries parallel and equal. (Yalgoo Locality Plan.) for the purpose of a Cemetery


Gullewa Cemetery

Gullewa Cemetery

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