James Marron

9 June 1902 aged about 39 years

​James Marron died on 9/6/1902 aged about 39 years at Upper Levaringa, Fitzroy River - buried at Upper Levaringa (Liveringa) by Percy Rose in witness of Ah Chow. Marron was a stockman, who died of malarial fever. He was born in Ireland. Liveringa Station diaries of Thursday 12th June 1902...." Mail arrived here this afternoon with a dead passenger; buried poor fellow this evening, died at Troy's Lagoon, also two other sick passengers." Further Reference: Journal and Proceedings of the RWAHS Vol 10, Part 1 (1989) - article "Liveringa: Fable. Fact, Farce and Failure" by Jim Anderson.  In June 2015 a plaque for him was placed under the big boab tree in Jarran Paddock, Old Liveringa Station.

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