Outback Graves Markers

Outback Graves Poem

Outback Graves

Beneath Red soil and spinifex
Down winding Western trails
Lie many untold stories
In unmarked Outback Graves

Tales of lonely travellers
Hapless journeys unfulfilled
Of folks who sought another life
Their lifeblood harshly spilled

Some had died from natural causes
Bad weather, despair and thirst
Some from misadventures
Or circumstances worse

They were Pioneers of this country
People young and old
From different lands and cultures
Best efforts not resolved

And their graves have gone unnoticed
And their stories left unheard
Till these modern-day explorers
...... spread their word
Of the people of this country
How they lived and how they died
To mark their final resting place
Where others may have cried

If you travel through the Outback
Down winding Western trails
Look beneath the soil and spinifex
At the freshly remarked graves
It is there you'll find the stories
Of the Pioneers of old
Of their struggles and their fortunes
No longer left untold

Beneath Red soil and spinifex
Down winding Western trails

Lie the rich and vibrant stories
Marked by friends of Outback Graves

Outback Grave Markers Song - Youtube

Written by Paul Prickett in 2000. Recorded and put to music by Lee Forster and spoken by Paul Prickett